Hi, I am Marilyn

Physical Therapist

Please tell your Bosses that I am very appreciative for all they do to ensure I am happy with where I live for 10 months out of the year. As you already know we have a very stressful job and it means everything to me to know I am comfortable and safe in the place I call home for most of my year. Without feeling comfortable & satisfied in my home I could never do the work I do and perform satisfactorily which translates into satisfied clients for Protocol. You guys are awesome, and I could not do this job without help of dedicated staff of RMV workforce. What you do for me is a very highly appreciated service and I do hope Protocol knows that. We are out here and totally dependent on much of what you and other support staff do for us. Please pass this on to the higher ups.

  • Duty through weakness of will, which is the same
  • Perfectly simple and easy to distinguish
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